Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Not sure if I will get to the Words For Wednesday this week.  I am helping out my sister. Meanwhile, you may go to MUMBLINGS blog for the prompts if you want to give it a try.  I hope you will.

Get this..."Yesterday I was walking across the downtown street. Obviously, I was moving too slowly for the oncoming car and the teenagers yelled at me as they speeded past, "Move old woman". I am devastated"

Monday, July 17, 2017


Question Of The Week, 7-17-17

What makes you feel afraid?

Late night or very early morning calls most definitely. And when someone I love is unwell.

Yes certainly late night phone calls, and unexpected visits. Have a nice week!

That\s the one...those calls that wake you and it simply can't be anything good.

I really don't know...

Bad storms...

Those phone calls, all i can think of

So far we all seem to be most afraid of something going wrong with loved ones. I thought someone would be afraid of things that go bump in the night. Lions,tigers and bears...oh my. LOL

Something going wrong with loved ones, yes. And sharks. Fuck them. They are evil!

That my pets will out live me and not be properly cared for. 

When my loved ones are ill.

I know my homes noises, so bumps in the night don't bother me, but unexplained loud crashing noises such as what terrorised my Angel (and me) are scary and since then I worry that it will happen again. It's a very uncomfortable feeling for me; I was never afraid of anything.

I'm scared of monsters ;)

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Have you ever heard of Stitch Fix?  I joined three months ago.  My personal shopper selected 5 items each of the first two months.  The first month I kept one item of jewelry and sent the rest back.  The second month I kept two tops and sent the rest back.  I requested a new shopper and this month I kept all 5 items.  Becca is my new personal shopper and I hope she will stay on track with my likes and dislikes.  For someone like me who hates going to stores to look for clothes, this is perfect.  

My daughter has been a member longer but she doesn't need plus size clothes and they didn't offer my sizes at first.  Now they have added plus sizes and I am so happy! My selections are for casual clothes, but you can seek dressy or business or whatever style you desire.  You can also have them pick something for a special occasion and you can select your price range.

new top and shorts

new top, shorts and shoes

new top, shorts and shoes

Image of cute shorts.
cute comfortable shoes.

Friday, July 14, 2017


And here is a delightful reality photo sent from my sister this morning.  She took this from her hotel room in Paris. Hope she doesn't meet up with an Ostrich while she is there.  LOL

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


It is that wonderful time again for WFW.  Get over to Delores of Mumblings for the prompts this week and to read other stories or poems.  Write and post your own.  It is a fun exercise. I have used all twelve and you can tell that I rushed in my labor.

The hornet got caught in my hairnet. It would hover in my proximity as I was hanging the wash on the clothesline. I guess it had been lured by the scent of the soap.

It was my decision to greet this flying nuisance the next day with a chilling response. I would drench it in bug spray and then I would dance with joy as it writhed on the ground. This was one hornet that would not make it home for dinner that night. He was fatally damaged by a horrifying chemical and finished off by my shoe.


Monday, July 10, 2017


Question Of The Week 7-10-17

What is the most memorable class 
you have ever taken?

Yes, I actually took a college course titled PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT. It was such an innovative class and a group of us was selected to appear on television in 1965. I was in that group. It was a hoot:-)

At work we all had to take sensitivity made me aware of how sensitive people are and to think twice before I spoke. Actually, it made me afraid to open my mouth.

biology in college --I learned to love snakes and spiders

Thermodynamics. It changed the way I looked at life. 

A personal development course about the homeless, and what we can do to support them.

Real Estate Law. The instructor had the most amazing Scottish accent. Not sure what he said but I loved the way he said it. 

Non-violent crisis intervention.

It was a writing class actually and I've been turned on to it ever since.

High School Math the year we had a teacher who loved his subject and knew how to teach. Suddenly geometry made sense and I enjoyed Math for the rest of the year.
Then there was my Creative Writing Course which taught me that if the teacher is a fan of literature, she isn't going to like anything you write.

I think the first time I walked into a life drawing class at 17 and sitting down to draw my first naked man. 

Introduction to Motion Pictures - 14 years ago at Georgia State University, when I went back to college to finally finish my degree. I had a wonderful professor named Eddy Von Mueller. I saw him in a restaurant last month and never did go up to him - I got uncharacteristically shy. If I had, I would have told him that was my most favorite class of all time - he made it fascinating.

Saturday, July 08, 2017


This is my Zippy Truck.  Ron bought it for me at an auction in 2012.  I have loved this little truck and my memories of Ron working hard to outbid a very determined woman.  She finally stopped and we got the truck for a very reasonable price. It was a 2008 and only had 39,000 miles on it.

Zippy had the first electrical problems last week.  They say that is a sign of more bad things to come so rather than pay for the expensive repairs I traded my Colorado in for a brand new truck.  Here is my 2017 GMC Colony.

As much as I love this new truck with all the bells and whistles, I cannot describe the pain felt in leaving my zippy truck behind.  Yes there were tears:-(  You can help me name this new beauty.  I will love your suggestions.

Friday, July 07, 2017


Starting with a joke that my dad would have loved:-) Groan...

And here is a picture of my favorite visitor over the holiday.  Frankie and Slim loved seeing cousin Clancy too:-)

Wednesday, July 05, 2017


July, 2017 Words For Wednesday prompts are being provided by Delores of MUMBLINGS.  Go to her site to find the words she has selected for this first week in July and to read other contributions.  She gave us a lot of food for thought.  Oh, that's what I will title my story:-)  Hope you will enjoy.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT by Granny Annie

It was Friday at the Senior Center and the crowd was small compared to the usual number. The dwindling attendance was caused by a huge menu change. It was now required that the meals consist primarily of organic foods. This type of food was very costly and the daily charge for lunch had to be increased. So much for what had been a bargain meal.

The State Health Department was to designate the food that could be ordered for the elderly. This meddling branded the State as villains. The government agency treated complaints as blasé.  Their attitude was a way to amplify their true disregard for the Senior Citizens Community Center members.

It was not a surprise when Elmer Riley suddenly appeared spastic in his actions. He was crashing into the long tables. The sound of dishes smashing began to resonate throughout the dining room. The high cost and horrible meal had definitely turned on his anger valve causing his spasms. Elmer was in the spotlight as he insisted everyone write to the State Health Department and demand a return of good meals at a reasonable price. If the other members of The Senior Center would write, he would pay all the postage. It was important to get their message across. “Let the officials know what they have done to set you off”, Elmer demanded.



Monday, July 03, 2017



Question Of The Week 7-3-17

What is the most distant place you have visited from your home?

I live in the central United States so I'm not sure if the most distant place I've traveled is California, Canada, Virginia, or Mexico.  :-)

Lestock Saskatchewan....we live in Ontario Canada so we had to travel through Ontario and Manitoba into Saskatchewan. I have no idea how far that is but it's the furthest I've been from home. (Unless you count daydreams in which case it was a galaxy far far away)


Wow, I would have to Google that. I have been to various parts of Asia and Australia!! I am lucky.

Amsterdam. And I spent more time in the airport than out and about. (it was the end of a transAtlantic cruise, and we went from ship to the airport to fly home.)


I'd say Moscow. 

To Canada from Florida is the best I can do. 

Antarctica. Like Delores my mind takes me a lot further.

New Zealand. And I would go again in a heartbeat given the chance.

Fremantle. I live in Adelaide South Australia, and I went to Western Australia to visit with my brother and his wife for a week.

Dallas, Texas

Turkey it is about 3000 km from Poland 



As a child, Jamaica. As an adult, Colorado (I live in New England).

Well to begin with I first thought Skagway Alaska - a whopping 13,000 kms from Melbourne but then looked at the town in England where my brother and sister live and that turns out to be 16,800 kms from Melbourne. You live and learn and thank Mr G. Lol

la tour Eiffel :-D


Marathon Key in Florida by car. Canada as a child, not that far from New England tho. Now you need pass ports!

Next road trips would be CO n CA, when I hit the lottery jackpot n get a new car, then Aussie down under NZ lands.